Homemade Hardware Final — Almost

For my Homemade Hardware final, I wanted to create a speaker lamp for a friend’s birthday present. It involves a fair level of fabrication, so for this final, I decided that I was going to create my own hardware board to power this lamp. The sound portion of this lamp would be handled with a MAX9744 amplifier, so I wanted to create a shield that would connect an RN-52 chip so I could stream audio through my speakers with Bluetooth.

I planned to connect Neopixels and a microphone (MAX9814) powered by an ATTiny85 to control the lamp portion of this board. Here are my schematics/board diagrams.

Here are images of my build process.







I first wanted to test the sound of the speakers before I added the neopixels, so I was taking the board out to figure out how I was going to add the neopixels to the board. I was going to desolder the shield, but I forgot that the chip was still plugged into AC, and as I was desoldering, some of the VDD solder moved over to GND and burned the board. I was very very sad. It was mostly my fault for not thinking through the soldering process and for not double checking that all electric sources were disconnected. Fortunately, my amplifier was not burned, but I’m pretty sure that the RN-52 board no longer works.

I will order some new parts (including an extra speaker: mono sounded wack), and rebuild my board again so that I can give it as a gift to my friend next month. I was thinking of possibly redesigning my board since I will have two speakers and will need to redesign my enclosure. I look forward to doing that next week.