Homemade Hardware Final Project – Prince Lamp

May 20th is one of my greatest friend’s birthday. She is a huge Prince fan, so for this Homemade Hardware final, I want to create a Prince lamp/speaker that can play music. The lamp will dim in and out to the beat of the music using the ArduinoFFT library and a MAX9814 when the lamp is connected to a music source. Here’s a quick sketch of what I have in mind.

The lampshade will be fairly straightforward. I will use some sort of poster board or cardboard and laser cut a silhouette of Prince along with his Love symbol.

As for the actual lamp, I will create a SMB board that will connect the following chips:

The board will be modeled off of the Arduino Pro Mini. I might attach this Arduino Pro Mini straight to my board in order to avoid the pains of programming the ATMega that fellow students faced in the midterm. It might also be worth soldering the amplifier and microphone chip whole as well, but I will talk to Andy to see what parts I can get rid of and add to my custom board.

I’ll need to find some code examples of the RN-52, Amplifier and Microphone.