Potential Always On Always Connected Final Ideas

Telephone Pictionary is one of my favorite games to play with a group of friends, and I want to create this for iOS using Socket.io. The game works like this. Each person writes down a phrase/sentence, and passes the prompt to the person on his/her left. That person must draw the prompt and then passes the drawing to the person to their left. This person has to guess what is being drawn and passes the guess to their left. And that person draws that guess and so on and so on. This game is a good candidate for a game to play in real-time using Socket.io or asynchronously. For this final, I will simply focus on the real-time game.


More inspiration

  • http://telephone.satellitecollective.org

User stories

  • Player should be able to start a game
  • Player should be able to send invites to friends
  • Player should be able to join a game
  • Player should be able to draw
  • Player should be able to guess
  • Player should be able to draw the guess and so on for X turns where X is the # of players
  • Others should be able to see the guesses/drawings if they have already drawn/guessed the prompt.




  • Socket.io
  • P5.js
  • Cordova

Proposal 2


  • http://unseen-music.com/yume/
  • http://www.georgeandjonathan.com/
  • http://dinahmoelabs.com/_plink/


  1. You are riding a wave as in GeorgeandJonathan.com. And you can surf left or right to change the note. You can go down or up to change either the volume or the effect like in JAMN. Socket.io lets you bring in other wave riders to add complexity to the notes.
    1. How should we handle drums…?
    2. How can we implement a jump effect for rests?



  • Start screens
  • Instrument pick?
    • vibraphones from Maggie Rogers alaska
    • drum kit?
    • sax
    • guitar from gold angel by minke
  • Count-in
  • First-person experience


  • Three.js
  • p5.Sound
  • Cordova
  • A-Frame (nice to have)
  • Socket.io (nice to have)

Next Steps

  • Compile midi files
    • Music inspiration
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNWsW6c6t8g
  • Build the first person experience
    • Basically tie an ever growing sphere underneath you (that has a certain lifespan) and it plays a note. Build the other paths as well.
    • To test, maybe let the arrow keys and spacebar affect the movement and jump.
  • Learn how to manipulate the accelero data to the view?
  • Determine the up/down effect
    • volume? speed?
  • Nice to haves
    • Connect this to your Spotify playlists