I just played Loved. And I’m so glad I did.

Loved is a weird platform game where you are subject to a possibly abusive partner. He(?) guides you through this experience, expressing his disappointment/disgust if you do not listen to him and giving you kudos for following his (sometimes hurtful) instructions. By the end of the game, after you’ve gotten through a really difficult experience, your partner finally tells you how he appreciates you/loves you.

It was a really terrific way to tell a “short story.” I like how the creator primed the audience experience by stating that it was a short story.

The kind of expression of love that Alex Ocias demonstrates in his short game is similar to what I want to portray in my VR experience, Fade. In Fade, you are stuck following a girl who is supposed to be your partner, but if you become distracted and take your gaze and focus away from her, she begins to disappear. I want to portray how a relationship can seem to fade away when you don’t pay attention, even if you feel that you are present.

I’ve learned a lot from watching Loved. I want to add an introductory scene to set up our watchers, using Notch to create custom animations to illustrate that this girl is your lover. I also want to make the scene longer so that there are more potential things to take your attention away from the girl.