Homemade Hardware Midterm Progress – Drumkit Schematics

This week, for our Homemade Hardware midterm, I ordered parts and began to make schematics. I am using three piezo sensors in order to detect vibrations on a drumpad that we will create for our Playful Communication in Serious Research museum exhibit. I’m using an RFD22301 to collect the data and transmit it to a Mac Mini or a Macbook Pro that will be connected to a screen.

I began to prototype this chip using the USB programmer, but I could not figure out how to connect to the bluetooth to the Mac computer. It was easy to find the Rfduino using an RFDuino app. I still have to investigate whether I need to make a mobile app to control my experience. It actually would not be so bad if I had to, as I could make this app for my Always On Always Connected class.