Fog – A mobile app to help you brainstorm — MIDTERM progress

For our Always On, Always Connected midterm, we are building an application using Cordova.js on iOS. For this midterm, I am building a brainstorming app called Fog. For the visual mood, I was largely inspired by one of my favorite writing apps, Ommwriter.

Fog has four major functionalities:

  • It offers the beginning of inspirations to get your mind going
  • It helps you generate ideas using brainstorming exercises from Improv
  • It offers different strategies to overcome mental blocks
  • It helps you organize your thoughts

Here are some mockups (click to enlarge):

Most of the functionality in this app has been built. You can peruse the code for the app functionality here: For this midterm, I focused on creating the mindmap. I spent most of the week learning how to read d3.js and understanding the syntax of this library. Once I understood that, I began to look at example code for mindmaps online to help me develop this current iteration. Here’s a video of the working mindmap. You can find the code here.

Things I still need to implement:

  • jQuery screen transitions
  • CSS for visual design
  • Share functionality
  • Adding a node to the mindmap from any brainstorming screen
  • Integration with other concept mapping tools like and