Fade — Storyboard, Moodboard, and Character Development

For my midterm, I want to make a short scene, related to the concept above. This concept comes from a book of aphorisms by Korean songwriter, Tablo. In his book Blunote, he writes these short thoughts, and I was interested in making a VR experience based off of some of them.

This particular narrative will open with a 1:1 closeup of a woman’s face. And with the dialogue, you begin to understand that you two are together. As she walks in front of you along this beach, you follow behind her. You are listening to her muse on about love. The interaction comes in when you begin to look away from her. When you take your gaze away from her, she begins to fade away. The further you gaze away from her, the more she disappears, until you only hear her voice and see her footsteps. Once she is only footsteps, her voice also begins to fade.

I haven’t decided if I want to include this next part, but after her voice fades, I want the viewer to fall into an abyss and experience the feeling of falling. I’m debating whether this is necessary or not.

Here is a moodboard of my narrative.

For my character, I want to create the girl in my moodboard, but for some reason, my version of Fuse won’t let me edit the features of my character. I will have to talk to Todd this week regarding this. The only animation I will need is her walking. The only interactions I will require is her fading away as the viewer looks away from her. I will also probably need separate assets for her footsteps.

Here is a video preview of my world. I still need to fix the waterfall, so I will need help getting that particle system to work correctly.

Lastly, I will need to write a script of what she is saying, and record someone saying it. I might also want to add some birds chirping in the background and the sound of a waterfall.

Other questions:

  • how to edit a character
  • how to get the waterfall fixed
  • how do i make the first pov camera move slower
  • how do we do rails?