Making a world with bread

My bread

I made a tartine loaf in Oculus Quill. But I couldn’t import it into Unreal, as it doesn’t look like they’ve built the functionality yet. I could export an FBX file, but none of the materials would export with it. Anyway, here are some pictures of my loaf.

My world

I decided to make a scaled up wooden kitchen, where someone is beginning to make a sandwich. In this scene, a player could be making an actual sandwich, or the main character can be tiny and have to navigate himself through the kitchen counter in order to grow back to main size. Perhaps he does some tasks like spread jam on the bread slices and/or cut the pickle using the knife.

Since I could not import my bread, I used the png file of my bread as a texture for a sphere in the corner. SIGH.

I still don’t feel fully comfortable with Unreal, but I hope to put in some more time to practice this week. The importing of exports is a pain, and it’s difficult to find assets that are compatible with the Engine. Perhaps its an easier task in Unity though.