Pikachu Pool

For this week’s VR class, we continued our work in getting familiar with the Unreal Engine. Our requirements this week were to:

  • Create a world
  • Import assets from sources like Sketchfab
  • Create our own materials using Crazy Bump
  • Add some interactivity

Learning Unreal is a tremendous task, solely because there are so many layers to it. I definitely like Unreal better than Unity though, even if there aren’t a lot of free assets in the asset store. Sketchfab was useful, and I found a lot of great assets on there. The only problem I had though was that sometimes, when I imported the files into Unreal, I didn’t really know what to do with them. I’d only get texture files, and I’d like to know what to do with these texture files to create the assets I wanted. For example, I downloaded a Geodude texture, and I wasn’t sure if I had to just use these textures on a sphere in order to create the asset I wanted. Fortunately, I found a Pikachu asset and decided to make a Pikachu pool where you could interact with a couple of the Pikachus there.

  • If you press P, a Pikachu starts to emit electricity using Thundershock.
  • If you press E, a Pikachu uses Growth and increases in size by 5x.

You can watch a short video of my world here:


I’m eager to spend some more time with Unreal because I obviously have a lot to learn. I’d also like to learn how to create my own assets, so if you know of any resources in which to learn that, hit me up!

A few brainstorm ideas for storylines:

  • tragedy of the commons
  • a story where you use the controllers to teach a real skill