Dipping my toes in Unreal + Watching The Lab

This week, we had to use the HTC Vive to explore The Lab in the Steam Store. Some initial thoughts:

  • The vibrate made archery feel very realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed anything that vibrated.
  • Out of world experiences were great.
  • Heights continues to be a really weird experience. I know I’m on solid ground, but I’m still afraid I’m going to fall.
  • I like the feature of teleportation in The Lab.
  • The controllers are great and really intuitive.
  • The out of space experience was kind of lame. I wish it followed the rules of physics and created some weird orbits when I threw planets around.
  • I want to see myself in these experiences.
  • Still like the Oculus experience better.

I liked entering weird worlds in VR, so I tried to make an out-of-this-world experience in Unreal. Lighting and scale are going to be things I will have to focus on in my projects. Here are some hero shots of what I have.

I wasn’t sure how to take particle systems from the Particle Learn project and port them into my scene. I would like to review this in the next class.