A hurried blurb on my thoughts of this new world and what path I can take

The world is preparing for war. Why? Why do players like Russia become more hostile. People become hostile when they are backed into a corner. And Russia is playing to its strengths. We’ve seen it with North Korea. We’ve seen it time and time again.
World leaders are becoming more contentious with each other because they are tired of not getting what they want. Because right now, the end goal of current world order is to become the best. To become a superpower. At least in the USA. And probably Russia still.
This is wrong. World leaders need to reframe what we are all working towards. Refigure out why we do what we do. We have lost why we are waking up and trying to make this world a better place.
What is this why?
First of all, we want prosperity for all. How do we get this?
  • Unify to fix climate change
  • Research clean energy sources. Bonus if we can decommission our weapons to do this
  • Research space exploration
  • Address wildlife conservation to maintain balance in the ecosystem
  • Promises to share land and build up second and third world countries
We can say the terrorists won right? We live in a world of fear. Dems vs repubs
It’s important to note human’s tendency to fill in the blanks. There isn’t a larger conspiracy. Just many things with limited connections interplaying with one another. It’s important to keep this in mind with our desire to tell stories. Sometimes there is no story.
Our generation has two fundamental issues to overcome. These two issues risk our existence and tumble the world towards tyranny and inequality. These two issues are so grand in scope that we as a people find it difficult to focus on a unifying message.

These problems are climate change and the financial interests of the old world OR the absence of patience for inequality in our world.
In some ways, one leads straight into the other. Climate change stems from our collective prosperity as a world population. We are all living better lives than we did 100 years ago, and so we all have more access to goods than those around us. Producing and consuming these goods emit tremendous waste, and our growth in consumption leads to exponential waste.
The focus on short term gains over long term sustainability led to the world being full of goods that are harmful to the world at scale. With more prosperity, income statements were positive, so why change the system for negative externalities that we weren’t measuring anyway?
And ultimately, what were the industries powering this growth? Coal, Oil and Gas. Fossil fuels. These were the energy sources of the past generation. Nuclear too in some capacity, but we weren’t intelligent enough to overcome the negative externalities of nuclear. We’d rather spend those resources on creating weapons, since people already feared it.
So this is what I am going to do. I hope you join me and take ownership of this world we live in.

One thing that I will try to achieve with these blogs is to explain the world in which I live in. One of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life is one in which three of my college friends, Adit, Yvette, and Chandler, explained to me how energy runs the world. They each came from different sectors and perspectives, one coming from government/defense, one from oil and gas investments, and the third coming from solar/clean energy interests. They each had a view of how the world ran and how their specific sector fit into the puzzle. I was fascinated by this conversation but I was disappointed that I couldn’t really tell a similar caliber story for the world I worked in: specifically technology and marketing.
Business seemed so secondary, almost tertiary. I couldn’t even at least explain where Google, Apple, etc fit into the equation. Sure big tech were important players but they almost seemed to just be benefiting from the flow of events that stemmed from policy, energy, finance.
In my realm, who were the players? What was the ultimate driver? What is my current realm? How do investments flow in this realm?
Brand marketing? Product innovation? Is that what I want to do? For what cause?
I want to go bigger.
What paths can I take?
What does everyone need?
  • Energy
  • Tech
  • Clean tech
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Health care
What are the major motifs in these fields? Which motifs are receiving a lot of investments?
  • Solar
  • Self driving cars
  • Electric cars
  • VR
    • Streaming services
    • Sports
  • chat bots
How do I make these motifs mine?
How do I incorporate
  • Marketing
  • Code
  • Pcomp

Sometimes, people need a little faith. They need to believe. Give it to them. Believe in them.

Just plan and follow thru. That’s all it takes.