Wireframing my mobile app

This week, we are getting started with planning and wireframing our mobile app.

But first, let me talk about Spaceteam. It doesn’t have a particularly stellar user interface nor is it sleek, but I think this game is creatively well-designed given what it is. Spaceteam is a mobile game that encourages cooperative shouting. Each player controls a different section of a spaceship’s cockpit, and instructions fly by to activate specific modules in the cockpit. However, players often find that the modules they have to activate are on someone else’s screen.

This gameplay creates a cooperative interactivity that I find really interesting. It brings people outside of the screen world, and I want to continue to explore this phenomenon in the apps I make.

I like the idea of an app as a tool to engage with those around you. So I want to create an app that combines this idea with something that I’ve always had problems with: brainstorming. As a creative, we’re often tasked with coming up with novel ideas, but it is hard to come up with inspiration or to organize your thoughts enough to come up with a coherent idea.

Concept: An app that helps your team come up with ideas and helps them organize their thoughts. I want this app to provide a sense of calm meditation. Ommwriter is a good example of what I’m trying to achieve.

Audience: Creative teams, deep thinkers

Use cases: To think outside the box, challenge conventional wisdom, organize thoughts

User stories: 

  1. A user comes into the app to get some inspiration for an idea. He indicates that he needs an idea, and he gets fed cards of different oblique strategies, aphorisms, or koans to help him stretch his mind. He keeps flipping through until he gains an idea. He then organizes his idea in a mind map and shares it to his team.
  2. A user comes into the app looking for some inspiration. He doesn’t want abstract ideas, and so he goes into freewrite mode and simply starts to write whatever is on top of his mind. He then organizes his thoughts in an outline and shares it with his team.
  3. A user comes into the app with a topic. She needs to freely associate, so she starts a mind map and starts to associate ideas with keywords. She then shares her map with her team.


Main Menu

If you need an idea

If you need to organize your idea

Share your ideas

Things to think about:

  • How can i use native features of the phone in my app?
  • How do I take advantage of the “3D” space? Or is it flat design?