Bootloading an ATTiny85

The first assignment for Homemade Hardware was to bootload an Arduino in order to light an LED with a sensor.

For some reason, I got it working in class, but it didn’t work afterwards. I took a couple pictures of what I did in class, and you can click the links for some videos.


After class, I wanted to try to see if I could hook up the ATmega328p. I used a crystal that I found in the shop, but for some reason, I could not burn the bootloader.

I decided to go back to the ATTiny85, and I was able to burn the bootloader, but the code to light the LED did not seem to work. I will be meeting with Andy to find a solution to my problem on Friday.

Here’s a schematic of what I’m trying to get working:

Ultimately, I want to put an FSR on a mannequin hand so that my LED lights up when you shake its hand. Here’s a video of my working circuit.

UPDATE: Got it to work! Didn’t realize you just upload the code after you burn the bootloader. Major facepalm.