Trump & Dreaming Big Enough

I’m going to start writing a weekly blog. One to keep track of personal thoughts outside of ITP. I’ll try to keep things structured, but who knows where the week takes me.
This week, we’ve got to experience what Trump is really going to mean. This man and his party are just going to move forward with lying to their constituency and build a nation that only benefits them.
In the last week, trump has:
  • Set up the road to eliminating health care for millions who need it
  • Gone ahead with the Dakota pipeline
  • Eliminated global abortion funding
  • Gotten away with not divesting from his company
  • Appointed individuals to his cabinet that are ignorant to the major issues revolving their sector
  • Accused the media of waging war against him going so far as saying that they may need to implement their own media and their own intelligence
  • Sent a veiled threat to black lives matter
It’s difficult to grasp how a group can be so scheming and corrupt and yet get away from it. How can people not see the clear path that this man is taking?
What I don’t understand is the values that drive these kinds of people and how they can possibly see that a world run by oil, devoid of women’s rights, that doesn’t care about the well-being of others, where powers are not checked, and lies can run rampant without repercussions is a better world. How can they explain their behavior without calling themselves callous, racist, short-sighted? How do they explain this behavior to their children? And what will this mistrust towards elites and government mean for this society? We are racing towards a revolution.
So what kind of world do we want to live in? And what can we do to facilitate this?
My deepest fear is that I will become Trump. It’s easy to see yourself turn into that. He is everything that we have taught ourselves to push away. He is all of our negative impulses embodied.
The evils that seem to permeate in this world today got me thinking whether I’m dreaming big enough? I want to work at creative agencies in order to get experience building immersive experiences that affect one’s empathy towards another. But do my dreams have a particular focus? Others are passionate about specific sectors like transportation, innovation and sustainability, youth education, etc. Do my dreams focus in on a specific sector?
Sort of… it has to do with perception. Changing stereotypes. Building compassion towards one another. But why? For what purpose? Because building compassion for others lets people have second chances. Accepts that they’re not perfect and gives them the benefit of the doubt. Fosters good deeds and selflessness. I really want to play with this idea that two or more parties can believe they are making the right decisions with the information from their experience, but it leads to an objectively worse reality for everyone. This idea of relative vs. objective truth. Self-preservation vs. group preservation.