Motor mounting my sunflower bot

For this week in Fabrication, we were supposed to use a motor and mount something onto our motor. I had an extra pan and tilt servo kit in my locker, so I decided to use that to create a sunflower bot. Initially, I wanted the flower to turn to you when a photocell received light, but I did not have a photocell, so I decided to use an FSR. When the FSR is squeezed, the flower would turn to you with a message to stop squeezing it.

Thus, my sunflower with attitude.

I bought the kit on Amazon here. The Servo Pan and Tilt mount kit came with everything I had, so this was probably the easiest fabrication assignment this semester. I simple screwed the mount onto a block of pine, and built the kit. Some of the Servo horns did not fit the mount, so I had to sand them down to fit to size. The screws were also hard to deal with, as there was no instructions on which screws go where. So sometimes, I really had to force some in there.

For some reason, my computer kept burning arduinos. I think there is something wrong with how my Macbook is managing its power. Fortunately, Annie Kim helped me upload some code, so that I could film my motors working.

This was a fun little project, and I actually enjoyed looking around Tinkersphere at mounts. Before I realized I had a pan and tilt sensor in my locker, I was perusing the store and looking at all the different DC motor mounts and shaft couplers. I didn’t like how Tinkersphere lets you open packages so you can see that parts fit, so I didn’t end up buying anything from Tinkersphere.

And I like what I fabricated. It was simple, and it serves as a good model of the pan and tilt motion. It reminds me of the Pixar lamp, and I’m eager to keep building on these to see what cool motions I can build.