Introducing myself to Unity

This week for Animation, we got to play around with Unity. This program was difficult to use for several reasons. One, the interface was only a beta so it was rather slow and bulky. Two, the tool is complicated by nature. I spent a lot of time just figuring out how to move around my scene or rotate the camera angle. Lastly, just figuring out how to import assets and animate them using C# of all languages was a challenge.

However, there were a lot of great tutorials online to get started. I used the tutorials to learn about the asset store, as well as importing models and applying textures to them. I ended up creating an opening scene of a possible movie, by also animating the main camera. I had a hard time exporting, as Unity kept getting stuck during the clustering phase. Here’s a video grab of my animation.

This class went by fast! I’m glad we got to dip our toes into After Effects and Unity. I wish that this class spent more time on these tools though. I will just have to play with these on my own time. I hope to create a small game in Unity for a side project in the near future.