After Effects Animation Storyboard

For the next few weeks in Animation class, we are going to work with After Effects. Just spending one class on the program really illuminated the potential of what kind of projects are possible with After Effects.

For my project, I’m working with Jesal Trevadi. We traded a few ideas back and forth, ranging from a mini Samurai action film to an animated manhole’s existential crisis. The idea we eventually landed on that we liked was to use Uber Driver stories from Reddit and to animate it. We scoured through the internet to find a few stories we liked, including a crazy story filled with gunshots about an Uber driver picking up three passengers who were involved in a bar altercation. After laying out the storyboard with three stories, we figured that doing three would be too much. So we decided to focus on the shootout story and provide a humorous twist with the character.

Here’s our storyboard below:



Here’s our main character: Granny the Uber Driver



Stay tuned for the final project!