Physical Computing Final Project Concepts

So we’ve started to think about our final projects. Man, this semester is flying by. Here are three proposals for possible finals projects:

  1. Last week for our midterm, Yeseul and I created a prototype for Liquid Light–an LED sculpture that imitates liquids space. For the final project, I will continue this work, but I might want to pursue Danny Rozin’s feedback to  to remove the hard cover and create a malleable shape of a cube or sphere made up of soldered LED pixels. The malleable texture will hopefully create a more playful and soothing experience for the user.I could also continue to go down our original route and finish the casing for the Liquid Light sculpture. I could then place it on a pedestal in which you could turn the sculpture with Servo motors. I would have to think through what the interaction could be to make the Servo motors rotate the sphere.pcomp_concept3
  2. One project idea I had before I started working on the Liquid Light sculpture was to experiment with the gyro sensor to create a 3D pen so that one could draw in 3D space and translate it to some output. The Google Tilt Brush is a similar concept for VR, so it would be interesting to create a tilt brush of my own and open source the code and installation instructions. That way, anyone could experience VR and aid in the development of VR content. With a 3D pen, I could spend time brainstorming other applications outside of VR.pcomp_concept2
  3. Evolving from the 3D pen idea, another concept I had was to use a Kinect to capture gestures from a user. A user would create a shape in 3D space, and I would take that gesture, extrude it into a 3D object and put it on a screen. I would then use P5 to generate that shape using Particles. as seen in the sketch below. These particles seem to be in random motion but end up triangulating when particular particles are close to one another. I want to use these triangulating shapes to generate the shapes created by user gestures.

    The FSR sensor in the sketch below are simply there to let the program know when to start capturing for gestures and when to stop. I am open to different kinds of sensors that might do a better job at this.


  4. The least developed idea is to use real-time stock market data to create a light sculpture. Real-time stock market data is really just a %change, so using this %change, I want to create a beautiful light pattern over the long-term. The point is that hopefully, with this light sculpture, people don’t get caught up in the day-to-day volatility of the stock market.

Happy to hear any feedback on any of these concepts!