Working with data sets in Javascript

This week, we learned about importing data sets into our p5.js sketches with JSON and CSV. I’m super excited to learn these concepts, as I’m very interested in data visualization and data art. However, this assignment proved to be more finicky than I anticipated, and I had more time, given that I spent most of this week working on my PComp midterm.

I wanted to use a dataset that had a good mix of different data types, so I ended up using the Bureau of Customer Financial Protection’s data on Customer Complaints from Financial Services that I found on

Looking through this data, I saw that I could break complaints down by bank. Since the data file was over 2GB, I decided to whittle down the data to just complaints directed at Wells Fargo. With their recent controversies, I thought it’d be interesting to see what kind of complaints they got over the past few years.

I decided to divvy up their complaints into rectangular blocks, and change the color of the blocks based on the number of complaints they got.

Unfortunately, I was not able to save the data set onto the online p5 editor, so if you want to play with the data, you can find the dataset below.