Making my logo

This week for visual language, we had to design a logo and business card for ourselves.

A logo is a representation of a brand’s promise and values, but I never really thought of myself as a brand before. In some sense, I know what my personal values are, but because I am a new “creator,” I don’t think I have enough information to know what my brand promises to represent.

Tackling my first semester at ITP, I am only focused on learning and exploring new things about the world and about myself. So for this logo exercise, I decided to continue down this road, fully acknowledging that this logo will evolve over time.

I’ve loved foxes for as long as I remembered. They remind us of our faithful canine companions, but they are very much wild animals. Because of this, they live on the edge of human understanding. Wild yet familiar. Reserved yet cunning. Cute yet fierce. There is something very magical about them, and they are represented in many cultural mythologies, from Aesop’s The Fox and the Grape to the Kumiho/Kitsune in Korean/Japanese mythology. I’ve always liked their complexity, so I decided to incorporate a fox into my logo.


I’ve never been an illustrator, so I decided to take a look at some other fox logos online to gain some inspiration on how to draw one. I then looked at my initials next to each other, and saw that I could try to draw a sideways fox, with the tail shaping the J and the head shaping the P.


Drawing a logo and making it “work” was definitely a challenging task. I still don’t think my logo fully “works” but I’m pleased with the first iteration of my logo. Big ups to logo designers.


I tried a few different designs for my business card. I knew I wanted it to be simple and clean. The purpose of a business card is to provide my contact information, and I did not want to take attention away from that too much. Ultimately, I chose the design below, as I felt that the logo was just small enough to be subtle, but just enough of a contrast from the dark grey background to pop. I felt that this represented me well, as I wished to be subtle, simple, and clean, with a small flair for the bright and fun.