Snowflakes and Synthesis

This past week, we learned about objects and arrays, and we were tasked to create a sketch that people could interact with. My assignment last week dealt with objects and arrays already, so I used this opportunity to practice translations.

Since my previous week was pretty goofy, I wanted to explore a more minimal, artsier design with this week’s sketch. I decided to go with simple triangles and tried to use as many translates and rotates in order to practice wrapping my head around translations. I still don’t have a complete grasp of the full power of translations, but I definitely enjoyed practicing with them to create some cool effects. Here’s my sketch:

Connecting an arduino to p5.js

This past week, we had a synthesis class that showed us how to combine what we’ve learned about arduinos from PComp with p5.js. I wasn’t around to go to this class, but all of the online resources were very helpful. It really opened my eyes on what could be possible project-wise.

For the sake of this Synthesis class, I combined different inputs with my Burger Munch game from last week. The game now takes input from a button switch and a potentiometer, although not both at the same time. I still haven’t figured out how to do that, and I will look to learn that as soon as possible. For now though, pushing the button switch increased the number of hamburgers on the screen, while the potentiometer moved Gene’s mouth. I can definitely see how I can combine these inputs to create a mini arcade game with Burger Munch.