Composing from a creative brief

For all of my classes at ITP, I’ve had the liberty to create something that I wanted to create. Sure, we were instructed to make something with the concepts we had learned, but it was still something that I had wanted to create.

For our Visual Language class this week, I had my first encounter of creating something for someone else. We were tasked to create a design for the ITP Winter Show postcard, and this was definitely the most challenging graphic design assignment I had. It was a relatively simple task, given the creative brief, but I had a hard time cumulating my skills to create a design that I liked.

At first, I wanted to create an illustration using a breadboard as the backdrop. I planned to use circuit components to create a humanoid, dreaming of all the creations that it could become. The breadboard also served as a nice grid system to lay out my ideas. Unfortunately, I realized that I did not have the illustration skills yet to create what I envisioned. I look forward to practicing my illustration skills and submitting an idea based on this for future postcard designs.


Since I didn’t have the illustration skills necessary to complete my project, I ventured into photography. Going into this idea, I wanted to show that ITP is all about collaboration, but it was difficult to get an angle to fit the detail necessary to explore this idea in a 5×7 inch postcard. Moreover, overlaying a color photo illustrating collaboration would be difficult if the color didn’t pop, and it turned out that the NYC fall caused all ITPers to wear drab monochromed color. Boring. But props to Patrick Presto and Amanda Lee for help with the photos!


Short on time, I ruminated on what ITP meant to me. At this point in time, ITP meant a lot to me. I had invested a lot of money into this program, and since I was new to a lot of what I was learning, the possibilities were endless. I could take a number of classes and go in a number of different directions with what I was learning. ITP didn’t mean just one thing to me. It was a bevy of possibilities.

Looking back at what I’ve learned in this class, I enjoyed making expressive words a lot. Obviously, I could not animate anything, since these postcards were for print. So I used icons of various things that make up my experience to outline ITP. I also outlined an icon of a person wearing VR goggles, as I felt that that technology would probably attract the most eyes in this current age.

I wasn’t thrilled at this project, as I felt that I ultimately had to play it safe in order to get something done within the week. I look forward to iterating on these ideas for future ITP showcases.